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Changzhou office partition , Changzhou office furniture factory Changzhou office furniture is a modern office furniture company based in Changzhou. Production and manufacture of office furniture, hotel furniture design and manufacturing, forming a large-scale production enterprise in the office furniture industry. Changzhou office furniture builds your office environment for the 21st century: office screens / desk series / file cabinets / conference series / supervisor tables / office chairs sofas / peripheral series. The office furniture has passed the SO9001-ISO14001 environmental quality system certification enterprise. Through the development in recent years, it has won the favor of foreign companies, large and medium-sized state-owned enterprises, schools, and hotels with its products and excellent service standards. Facing the competition in the furniture industry, Changzhou Furniture Factory does not take existing achievements as the goal, and has introduced German and Italian production lines. Its manufacturing process uses fully automatic standardized production methods with high accuracy and fast speed. In addition, the continuous improvement of management and quality control system provides products for product production. more

We do not fight the price, but our products are really affordable office furniture, produced in our own factory!

  • Factory direct sales with zero link sales, with dual guarantees of quality and price.
  • Humane design of environmental protection material selection, higher cost performance.
  • Combined with on-site space, precise and fast customization.
  • The combination of offline experience + online sales makes for a better shopping experience.
  • Design, distribution, installation and after-sales service in one step.



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